Collect moments, not things.

We have put together a mishmash of potential memories, that will last forever.

Adventure Elevator

Bat Burghard and its virtual  friends from the saga world of Mark welcome you at the adventure elevator and will take you on a journey back in time, before the elevator will take you through the tunnels to the castle.


Medievial Festival

The annual medieval festival in Altena is a major event in South-Westphalia. During the first weekend in August jugglers, magicians, knights and princesses dominate the town. They bring along dance, music and delicacies from far away countries and past times.


It can't be missed, the bright red cinema. The Apollo service cinema in Altena may be small, but it stands out. Here the latest films are presented, along with cocktails, ice and other delicacies. All you need is push the button and you will get friendly service in return.

Climb and Boulder

"Kletterwelt Sauerland" at Rosmart is Altena's climbing paradise. Here you can climb, boulder to your heart's content, celebrate children's birthdays and enjoy the view of Sauerland from the bistro.


Time Travel

Once a month, during "Garden of history",  Karsten Wolfewicz will take you back to past times, in which Kopernikus, Christobal Colon and many others lived. For tickets and further details, contact Kulturring Altena e.V..

Guided City Tours

Whether torchlight tours, time travels for children or pub tours - Altena's city guides would love to share exciting tales and anecdotes with you. Unfortunately only in german.


Kinder Spaß Burg Altena, Hans-Dieter Wurm

Children's Castle

Tours with lights, knight's exams, treasure hunts, fire workshops and many more thematic tours at the castke offer the young and old adventure and lasting memories.


By using the adventure elevator's rental e-bike sevice, anyone can explore and enjoy the surrounding area while ascending and descending Altena's mountain.


Be and feel like Ariel while you splash around with your colourful fins during mermaiding with the Sauerland mermaids at indoor swimming pool Dahle.



Particularly during summer the citizens of Altena use every opportunity to get together - where festivals, markets, exhibitions or hiking tours - there's always something going on.


Ideal  launch flight mountains, a superb flying field and perfect view of hilly Sauerland - paradise for those who love being up in the air and those who want to give it a try.


Diligent geocachers love hiding small treasures in Altena. A great multistage hiking cache that passes the legendary roads "Zweifelmut" , "Anschlag" and "Angst."