Ateliers in Altena

Art Antek

Atelier Antek is an exhibition, meeting point and multi-functional venue. People are welcome to visit, to talk about art or to reflect on things. Just ring the doorbell for a tour.


Kirchstr. 43 // Tel.: 02352-33 82 99 // artantek(ät)


Nadine Fiedler

In the year 2013 she was a scholarship holder from Stuttgart who came to Altena. She never left. Chinese ink, quill and gel pens are her primary tools. The observer and viewer await very delicate and detailed works  that are out of this world. The atelier has a somewhat hidden location in the town centre. Please, contact Nadine beforehand for a tour: 


Kirchstr. 7 // Tel.: 0176 26382425 // fiedler.nadine(ät)

Ülle Kunst

Ursula Buschmann describes her atelier as a place for realists, dreamers and ship builders.  Because it is the water in particular that fascinates her. The view from the studio on the Lenne river inspires her: Panta rhei - everything flows. Every now and then new interpretations of the castle adorn her shop window. Quite popular are her art courses that take place on a regular basis.


Lennestr. 20 // Tel: 0160-94158754 // 02352-5488 688 //

Atelier Karrasch

The atelier of artist couple Karrasch is located on the Fuelbecke dam.  Maria Theresia Karrasch dedicates herself to painting and Gerhard Karrasch to photography. Over decades paintings and photography have interacted and new forms of artistic language as means of human expression have emerged, as a result of this.


Fuelbecker Str. 36 // Tel. 02352-52359 // info(ät)

Ansgars Lether Shop

The listed building is home and workplace for Andreas Blumental, who works with everything that involves leather. Motor cycilists, equestrians, huntsmen and fans of the Middle Ages are part of his regular clientele. For those who would like to see more in detail instead of looking in from the outside, are welcome to take a closer look at his works, the domestic well or the historic smithy. Please, ring the doorbell or give a call:

Lennestr. 67 // Tel.: 02352-7091667 // mobil: 0172 4685136

Werkstatt Altena e.V.

Every year the society in furtherance of visual arts allocates a residential fellowship in Altena. The fellowship holder will be offered a roof over his head, livelihood and an atelier at the town centre (June-Sept.)                                                               Andreas Chr. Beck is the 2016 fellowship holder, who likes to welcome you to his final exhibition at the Stadtgalerie, from March 10 - 30 2017


Lennestr. 93 / Do 9-17 Uhr, Sa & So 10-17 Uhr

Margrit Schneider

The focus of her work is on the human face that offers her an endless repertoire of diversity, expression and emotions. By playing with contrast, countenance, light, shadows and brightness of colours new statements are made with her acrylic works. Please, enquire for a tour:


Röhnert 1 / Tel.: 02352-52589 / Mobil: 01739 123 147