Welcome to Altena

Worth seeing

As eponym and symbol of the town, Altena castle has sat enthroned on the Wulfsegge since the 12th century. Now you're not dependent on the small winding alleys to walk up the mountain; alternatively the adventure elevator can take you up.


Surrounded and protected by green hills, 60% of Altena's surface area consists of wood. Regardless of your location within the town, nature is never more than 5 minutes away.




Time travel with the adventure elevator, medieval festivals, climbing, bouldering, mermaiding, paragliding…. the list with adventurous options, Altena offers is long. Come and see for yourself and start collecting memories.


650 Years Altena

On the 20th of December in 1367 Altena was granted privileges. Another reason for celebration; something the citizens of Altena do not wish to miss out on:


2017 anniversary year

  • Opening of the Lutharian Church Lutherkirche
  • City Festival
  • Festival "Altena - eine Stadt erlebt das Mittelalter"
  • Annyversary Festival with fireworks
  • Winterspektakulum at Castle Altena
  • Christmasmarket in the city of Altena
  • Torchlight procession to Castle Altena